Thermo Recorder

  • LR-62091

The Thermo Recorder is a useful temperature data logger. It records the temperature together with the clock in adjustable intervals. Up to 16000 data points can be saved by the logger. Via USB the data can be uploaded into the included software which allows to display or print the data as list or graph, export it to Microsoft Word or save it into an internal database of the software. The software also enables an easy configuration of the Thermo Recorder. The smallest adjustable temperature interval is 2 seconds which allows for a very accurate and detailed overview of the temperature development inside the terrarium.

The Thermo Recorder works with a battery and only needs to be connected to a PC for configuration or uploading data. The rest of the time it can be used with great flexibility independently from the computer. The temperature is measured through an external sensor in order that the Thermo Recorder itself can be placed outside the vivarium. By pressing the button the display will show current, min and max temperature and the battery state.

With the Lucky Reptile Thermo Recorder you always have a detailed overview of a temperature development without the need to take notes. The device is perfect for everyone who wants to get a better feeling and control of the climate in his terrarium. Naturally the Thermo Recorder can also be used for other temperature-sensitive applications, e.g. green houses, incubators, cooling and freezing rooms.

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